The Riddle – No.1

For means of the Fun of it as well as some sort of visitors census for me, I came up with what I think is a neat idea. I call it 'The Riddle'

It goes as follows: I will bring up a Broadhead, depicted in either an obscured or otherwise cryptic, distracting way and you, the Reader and casual Observer, may then contact me via e-mail with what you think is the Make and Model of that particular Broadhead. If you get it right, then your name will be posted herein as the very person who solved 'The Riddle'. [You may opt not to, or have your real name changed to an Alias.]

Now then, to get this going I had to combine several skills of mine in the right order and spacetime. I finally succeeded and am very pleased to present the first Quest:

contact me if you know make and model of this one   © Falk 2014
April 2nd 2014
If you think you know what make and model the shadow casting Broadhead is, then send me an e-mail with your best guess.
I will probably collect and post some misses here on this page.
If I only get wrong answers for a certain amount of time, I will give additional clues, either graphic or in written form.

Ohh by the way, you don't need to worry about not getting to see already prepared visual hints. I promise to show all of it even when the Riddle gets solved right on the spot. So no sense in holding back your entry ...

The winner may receive a screen sized version of one of my upcoming works!

   Good Luck,

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contact me if you know make and model of this one   © Falk 2014
April 13th 2014
No correct answers so far, I am afraid. So here you go with a second snap of that same Broadheads shadow. This one will give it away, I am quite sure ...

Well of Life threatened by Black Copperhead 'Magnum'   © Falk 2014
June 14th 2014
Not a single correct answer was recieved. Time to lift the curtain and to show the whole thing!

I've had very emotional and encouraging responses on this work, where I dealt with this very contrasting theme of

"Well of Life and Symbol of Maternity threatened by deadly, rather brutal Blades."

Intersting to note how different points of view can be. The threatening part has disturbed some to the fullest, whom, for that matter, don't like this series at all. Others seem to admire just the esthetics and beauty of both parts and ignore any possible outcome. Having arranged all this and having full control over it, I knew no harm would be done. There was never the intention to go any further of course – far from it! Knowing this made it a bit hard to predict possible emotional effects and certainly disqualifies myself from judging those that were expressed.
I am pleased I got some emotions going though. And I am rather satisfied with the overall look of the final piece. I reworked it in glass negative fashion and think it will also look perfect as large canvas print. I also want to say a big "Thanks!" to my model and want to compliment her, given the fact that she is older then our Broadhead ...!

For those not able to read the writing on the broadhead from the picture: This is a Copperhead "Magnum", 140gr., #0232 from 1966.

As the downsized and branded web-version of the full image is so much reduced in quality I like to show a 100% crop of the broadhead part. Imagine how nice "all the rest" must be in real life  

100pc crop of the Black Copperhead 'Magnum'   © Falk 2014

... now I need to think about the next Riddle project I guess.
I happen to have an idea already.
A bit of an anticlimax after this one though ...